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Saturday Sites

Sites shown below will be open virtually on Saturday, Sept 12th, 9 am - 1 pm

Greenhome Solutions

Greenhome Solutions Showroom

Greenhome Solutions provides affordable, sustainable building products. The store caters to builders, designers, architects and contractors, as well as to homeowners and DIYers. The 4,000+-square-foot showroom displays hundreds of green products, most of which can also be shopped online:

Mighty House Construction

West Side Second Story -- Completed!

A typical war-box home out front and a two-story addition with a view out back. This Mighty addition significantly expanded living space, with very little impact to the footprint of the original home with healthy, sustainable solutions to support the family and their extended relationships.

NEST Design Build

Sealth Trail House

The whole house was brought back to studs, resealed, and insulated to the exterior of the sheathing to create more than double the R of traditional in wall insulation. A new method of air barrier application called aerobarrier was used on this project.

S.A.G.E. Designs NW &

Mary's Tiny Modern Cottage

A Backyard Cottage for a Mother and her Son. This project is tucked in the back corner with a strong connection to the yard. Small footprint (16x20) with a loft. High ceilings help to make this space feel larger yet balanced. Every square foot counts. Lots of sunlight and many sustainable features.

Puget Sound Solar

1908 Zero Energy Home

This 1908 Seattle arts and crafts house is a tour favorite! It has been remodeled to conserve and produce energy with the ultimate goal of net zero. It was certified as a Net Zero Building in 2016 by the Living Building Challenge, the first remodeled home in Seattle to do so.

Hansmire Builders

Eastlake DADU

This 800 SF Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit was designed to work with a unique site to maximize natural light. Priority was given to high performance, low maintenance materials, each chosen to minimize waste and consumption. Energy Star appliances, fixtures and heating systems limit energy use.

Pathway Design + Construction

Green Lake 2nd Story Addition & Remodel

This second story addition, managed by our Project Manager and homeowner Mike Kocharhook, supersized the house with extra 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With an open concept kitchen and dining room, wooden floors and wool insulation, prepare for a cozy night in…and can you spot the repurposed kitchen?

JGA Consultants

mini-ZEPH Backyard Cottage

mini-ZEPH is a small Passive House backyard cottage targeting Net Zero annual energy. A modular unit built by the Wood Technology Center of Seattle Central College forms the upper level 432sf, designed to meet PHIUS+2018 passive house standards.

Mighty House Construction +

West Side Family Kitchen & More

The family kitchen and common areas were becoming less & less functional and it was time for a refresh! Implementing live-work-play's design, Mighty House transformed their common spaces and hard-used rooms a new life with healthy and long-lasting solutions.

Cascade Built


The largest Passive House multifamily building in the state, Solis achieves dramatic reductions in energy use, 50% below the US multi-family median, at just 5% cost premium. It achieves this using conventional materials in innovative ways for comfortable and healthy units and eco-luxury living.

Schulte Design Build

Kitchen and Dining Room Expansion

Schulte Design Build transformed a cramped kitchen/dining room space that had a poor orientation to the rest of the house into a place to accommodate the homeowner needs and provide room to entertain which they enjoy so much. A new separate hallway allows for better flow to the rest of the house.

Velocipede Architects + Sunshine Construction

Judkins Park New Home

This modestly sized house features awesome views of downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier. Efficient appliances and lighting throughout are powered by Seattle’s carbon neutral electricity. Green construction practices were combined with low VOC and natural interior finishes in this green home.

Wittman Estes + West Seattle Realty

Tsuga Townhomes

Wittman Estes was the architect, developer, and general contractor for this 3 unit multifamily urban infill housing with a single home and a 2 unit duplex. Certified as 4 Star Built Green, the eco-friendly housing includes green roofs, reclaimed fir stairs, and high efficiency energy systems.

Sunday Sites

Sites shown below will be open virtually on Sunday, Sept 13th, 9 am - 1 pm

Greenhome Solutions

West Seattle Emerald Star

A family home built to the highest standard of Built Green: sustainable materials, highly efficient design, harvesting rainwater, reusing greywater and powered by the sun!

Living Shelter Architects + Entero Design

Creekhouse Co-ownership

Completely remodeled home on Issaquah Creek with newly added 'treehouse' ADU on the upper level. Main level is Aging in Place friendly with wide doorways and an accessible bathroom, both levels have lots of natural light and healthy systems and finishes. Solar array provides most of energy needs.

Carlisle Classic Homes

Pinehurst Low Carbon Remodel

A Building Performance Specialist renovates his own home to balance comfort, cost and carbon! Transitioned from gas to fully electric, this project showcases shades of green including Indow Window retrofits, window & door replacements, exterior rainscreen, carbon negative wood fiber …

First Lamp Architects

Ballard Passive House

The Ballard Passive project is a PHIUS Certified Passive House designed and built by First Lamp Architects. The main goal of the project was to employ passive design fundamentals with an architectural language that is unique to the client.

RainWise Rebates Program

RainWise Permaculture Garden Home

With support from a rebate through the RainWise program, this property manages 100% of the stormwater falling on the roof, right on site. The RainWise installation includes a rain garden and two cisterns. The RainWise project was part of a much larger landscape installation that includes the patio, retaining walls, edible and permaculture gardens, and a lawn area redesign.

Board & Vellum

West Seattle Historic Cabin

A historic 1907 cabin in West Seattle was slated to be torn down to make way for condos. We purchased the cabin (for $1!) and transported it across West Seattle to become a seamless addition to our current home.

Woodcrafters Construction

Woodcrafters Office/Showroom

Woodcrafters Construction purchased a run-down commercial building in Ballard and performed a top to bottom renovation that showcases Built Green practices. The transformed space now houses Woodcrafters' office space, showroom, wood shop, and tool and equipment storage space.

Targa Homes

Reclaimed DADU

This unique DADU was constructed on a Diamond Pier foundation and framed with 100+ year old Fir deconstructed from local buildings. Despite its antique skeleton it was built to modern high performance standards: air tightness, ERV ventilation, exterior insulation, and low-emitting interior finishes.

The Kubala Washatko Architects + Small Planet Supply

Pacific Studio (home & office)

Using passive house and living building strategies, this home and studio is net zero energy, highly recycled, well daylit, and serves as a community building venue.

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