Mighty House Construction is back for the 2019 NW Green Home Tour!

As shown on a previous Northwest Green Home Tour, one of Mighty House Construction’s niches is building gorgeous additions to simple, even war-box era, homes. The Deep Green Westwood Addition is a prime example where the homeowners received ample extra space from a design solution that doesn’t overpower or impose upon the rest of the neighborhood.

Mighty House Construction’s strong commitment to quality, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness expands the meaning of the phrase: ‘built to last.’ Whether it is the recycled glass tile used in the kitchen backsplash, a Solatube that brings sunlight into the master closet, reapplying existing siding to the new exterior, or the Intello advanced vapor barrier protecting the structural integrity of both the addition and garage, every element is carefully chosen, designed, and crafted to achieve a high standard of esthetics, livability, and durability within a small real estate and carbon footprint.

Beyond their expertise with these innovative and effective building materials and techniques, one of Mighty House Construction’s specialties is hybrid heating. In this case, this involved strategically repositioning the newer, previously installed single-head ductless heat pump a smidge to best cover the larger common areas while the spaces outside of the range of the heat pump get their warmth from infrared radiant heating panels provided by Mighty Energy Solutions. This blended approach produces maximum energy efficiency and cost savings for the family’s expanded home while maintaining a high-level of comfort and temperature control where it is wanted at any given time. Since radiant infrared heats people, pets, furniture, and surfaces quickly, silently, and directly without just blowing hot air around in an uneven and uncontained fashion, a chilly, unused room can be made comfortable in minutes.

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