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The Rogue House is a 4-star Built Green Home that sits a top the Issaquah Highlands Harrison Street Neighborhood with endless views of the Seattle, Bellevue, and the Olympic mountains. As part of an exclusive neighborhood that features leaders in building green and world class architecture, the Rogue House has set itself apart from the crowd in a stunning fashion leading the modern movement that has moved into the Seattle and Eastside areas. The Rogue house features radiant heat, mechanically ventilated fresh air, higher quality insulation, low wattage and LED lighting, and Low flow plumbing fixtures to offer one of the most energy efficient homes available today. With noticeably higher quality than what you see in most modern homes on the market, Noble Ridge Construction, Inc. has set the bar for high class Modern Built green homes with its first of several Signature Series Homes they offer to the public with custom home quality.

Come check out the Rogue House on the tour or visit and see what other Signatures Series homes await you in the future.


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