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The Doty family signed up for Community Power Works to fix comfort and energy efficiency problems that are typical for many pre-WWII South Seattle homes. Travis and his family were concerned about the loud outdated gas furnace that seemed to always running. The bedrooms were colder than other areas of the home, and both Travis and Sachi were hoping to find a way to reduce their energy costs while increasing the comfort of their home.

While the Doty’s were one of the first families’ to have a CPW home energy audits, the family decided to wait until the time was right to weatherize. That time came when the family learned there was a baby on the way. After Travis re-enrolled in the program he was referred to Neil Kelly, who detailed the following needed improvements:

• Establish a well-defined, well-sealed thermal boundary.

• Insulation package: Walls, attic, crawl-space.

• Switch from an old gas furnace to a ductless heat pump.

• Incorporate significant safety and durability upgrades through a seismic retrofit

• Upgrade existing knob and tube electrical system

• Install a 3.6W photovoltaic solar system And here are the results:

• A whopping 75% projected energy savings!!!

• Drastically improved comfort levels inside the home

• Increased homeowner peace of mind by replacing the outdated and overtaxed electrical system.

• Energy sustainability by capitalizing on the home’s clear southern exposure to fuel the new PV solar system.

• Substantially increased homeowner’s survivability in case of an earthquake.

• Increased property value. And now the family knows they have one of the most sustainable homes in the neighborhood. “I love the fact that from the front of our house, you’d really never guess this is one of the greenest homes in the neighborhood,” says Travis.

The combination of reducing energy consumption and increasing energy production for the Doty residence not only resulted in significant gains in comfort, efficiency and, but also saw a significant projected increase in the property value of the home.

This project is a great example of how a typical Seattle home can be updated to become a sustainability standout that is ready to be enjoyed for generations to come.


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