Project Features 

Raingarden in front yard  |  Five cisterns  |  Over 2000 sf of roof area captured  |  85% of cost rebated 

Site Description

Since 2010, over 250 NW Seattle neighbors have gotten RainWise! They're helping Puget Sound while enjoying beautiful and functional landscaping and using stored rainwater for watering gardens - with an average of 70% of the cost paid for by the RainWise program.

Why the big rebates? RainWise property owners are helping slow and clean rain runoff from their property. This helps our Puget Sound - with every storm, rain falling on roofs, driveways, and other hard surfaces carries pollutants to the nearest drain or stream. And in big storms, this excess “storm water” can also cause sewer overflows that pollute Puget Sound.

At this stop you'll see a RainWise installation complete with a raingarden and five cisterns, learn about the program, and find out about your eligibility. (RainWise will be available to most Seattle property owners by 2018.)

Tours of the RainWise installation will be available throughout the day. Come by and get all your questions answered about the RainWise program, and learn how the rebates work. You can also pick up a map to other RainWise installations around NW Seattle that are open for viewing on tour day. You'll be able to check out installations by many different RainWise contractors, see creative solutions to various site challenges, and get inspired with ideas for your own RainWise installation.

Features at this site:

• Raingarden in front yard

• Five cisterns (storing 1425 gallons of water)

• Over 2000 sf of roof area captured

• 85% of cost rebated

About RainWise: RainWise is a program of Seattle Public Utilities and King County. For more information,visit For stories and photos from Ballard RainWise neighbors, visit

What your neighbors are saying about RainWise: “People walk by all the time and comment on our rain gardens. They are a joy to see, and it's wonderful to know that they also are helping Puget Sound – a win-win.”

“The system is awesome. It is very low maintenance, and has completely solved a flooding problem in our garage, which is partially underground.” “With my cisterns, I can water my gardens all summer - and help manage stormwater in the winter!"


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