Highland Park - a gathering place goes green

Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) is undertaking a green transformation, recently incorporating innovative stormwater control methods, including rain gardens, a cistern (a super-sized rain barrel), and a brand new permeable paver community courtyard. Self-guided tours of selected King County/SPU RainWise rain gardens and cistern installations will highlight how HPIC’s green transformation is spreading into the neighborhood. Visitors can enjoy food, fun learning activities, and the chance to meet RainWise contractors who install cisterns and rain gardens. RainWise is partnering with HPIC, Sustainable Seattle and many others for this event.

RainWise: a green solution to an overflowing problem

When it rains hard, combined storm and sanitary sewers in some areas can’t handle all the volume of rainwater, causing “combined sewer overflows” into the nearest water body. Seattle and King County are working on this problem with a combination of the traditional (big pipes and tanks) and “green” solutions. As part of that investment, to help residents reduce stormwater runoff from their properties in eligible areas of the city, the RainWise program provides rebates that cover a portion of the costs of installing cisterns and rain gardens on the properties of Seattle residents in eligible areas of the city. For more information use the link above or call the Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224 or 711 TTY Relay.


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