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Fabulous Built Green Townhouses in the desirable neighborhood of Capitol Hill! Designed by the award winning architect David Neiman. 7 townhouses with modern, contemporary finishes.

  • Heat recovery ventilation system provides a constant supply of fresh air while preserving energy efficiency.
  • High efficiency gas on demand hot water system provides domestic hot water and radiant heat.
  • Storm water management system integrates a rain garden into the project courtyard landscaping.
  • Rain screen siding system over a fluid applied air and weather barrier system provides commercial grade moisture and air sealing.
  • High efficiency double paned, Low-E, argon filled, windows and doors
  • Super-insulation incorporates a combination of closed cell spray foam, blown-in-blanket (BIB), and complete under slab insulation.
  • Sustainable and recycled finishes
  • Low VOC interior paints
  • Generous decks provide occupants more access natural air and light outside
  • Large well placed windows maximize access to natural light and views of the sky
  • Units are laid out to take advantage of the southern exposure for good day-lighting and passive solar gain.
  • Careful hand excavation along the street edge allowed the preservation of two specimen trees.
  • Dual flush toilets and low flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Rooftop decks and a common courtyard provide more than double the amount of open space found in a typical townhouse project.



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