All Shades of Green are Green

Look for the site feature Icons below on our project listings to identify sites with exceptional performance in these green building categories.

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Advanced Envelope

Exceptional thermal protection and air sealing



Built Green

This logo indicates that this home is Built Green© certified



Emphasizes functionality, quality &
character by design. Aging in place.


Energy Efficiency

Emphasizes innovative energy systems and high performance


Green Roof

Eco or vegetative roof installations


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Construction & material selection support IAQ


Materials Conservation

Efficient material use &
selection to conserve. Waste reduction & recycling (WRR)



Active Photovoltaic (PV) or solar hot water


Storm water Management

Emphasizes water infiltration and LID techniques Materials Conservation


Urban Farming

Composting, permaculture, & backyard chickens


Water Conservation

Emphasis on water saving features