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10510 11th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98177

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The Ames family of Crown Hill decided in the Spring of 2013 to look into solar after one of their neighbors got a solar install the year before. They have been customizing and investing in their home for years and solar was attractive due to the return on investment. Solar energy projects also add value to a home when sold.

The Ames found out that they have a perfect site for solar with a large south facing roof and no trees to shade the array location. The more sun that hits the panels the more productive and profitable a solar system is. The design they settled on has 26 iTek panels made in Bellingham, Wa. We installed a monitoring system so they can see how much they are producing from their home computer. With just 26 panels the Ames family now gets 85% of their electricity from solar and will save over $20,000 in the next 20 years.

Solar was a big addition to the family's Crown Hill home as the solar panels are visible from the street. Aesthetics were critical with their project. Our design approach was to matches the geometry of the roof as best as possible. We maintained a clean look by concealing wires and metal conduit on the roof. We tucked the other electrical equipment away on the side of the home. Even though we hid the inverter and other gear we still took extra care for aesthetics. We took the time to mount the inverters on a wood board painted the same color as the home.

We had the pleasure of meeting and working with the Ames's family electrician on this project. We coordinated with him to update the home's electric service and move their electric meter next to the inverters.


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