PSCCU Helps Fund "Energy Smart" Renovations

Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union has been a dedicated supporter of the tour since our humble beginnings, and we are proud to call them a Supporting Sponsor again in 2015. While this nonprofit offers a wide range of products and services (many of them free of charge to their members), we are particularly excited about how their Energy Smart Loans help members make home improvements that align with their environmental values.  

At PSCCU, members are not only part owners of a financial cooperative, but they also play a role in environmental sustainability, financial security for others, and job creation. The credit union offers all the financial products and management tools of other financial institutions, but they diversify themselves by combining helping the environment with providing their members with the best money-saving options.

One of the major ways they accomplish this is through their Energy Smart (Home Efficiency) Loans. They have helped numerous homeowners around the Puget Sound area and beyond update their homes to be energy-efficient, as well as businesses that supply the designs, material and labor to grow and prosper.

PSCCU member Corey Fitch writes, 

PSCCU is a great partner as they help us obtain our social conscience goals. The financing piece is one of the most important aspects of the programs we work in. Many people want to be “green,” but the amount to do so isn’t always obtainable. The rates and terms of a PSCCU Energy Efficiency loan make the monthly payments more manageable and more in line with the savings someone can achieve. The more fulfilling jobs are the ones where the families find the programs we work in and they find there are opportunities to do upgrades to their home thanks to the loan programs PSCCU offers.

Corey Fitch runs the Seattle sector of Energy Efficiency for Neil Kelly Company and has personally experienced the benefits of an energy efficient loan from PSCCU.