Sponsor Spotlight: Mighty House Construction and Mighty Energy Solutions

Longtime supporters of the Green Home Tour, Doug and Laura Elfline built their businesses on providing high-quality, budget-conscious remodeling and building solutions for every need. 

Whether a project is big or small, their focus is on "really fulfilling a need, not just a desire," says Laura. "Keeping Mighty House Construction projects to a minimal footprint to save money, energy, and resources but not to be so conservative that the family outgrows the project is the sweet spot. We hold every project to high sustainable building practices and then balance that goal with what is reasonable and feasible given the project perimeters and budget." 

These goals also led them to open their second company, Mighty Energy Solutions. For five years Laura and Doug had been pitching infrared radiant ceiling panels to their Mighty House Construction clients. People loved the beautiful, yummy, efficient heat, but they weren't so sure about the aesthetics of the older-generation panels. All that changed with the introduction of a new line of low-profile Ducoterra SolaRay panels. Doug and Laura knew that the time for infrared radiant heat technology had arrived, and Mighty Energy Solutions was born.

Doug and Laura invite tour goers to come experience infrared radiant ceiling heat panels in action at Site S3, Westside Remodel and Heat Conversion and to see how beautiful and healthy "green" can be at Site N25, Blue Kitchen Ravenna.