Sustainability Stop Spotlight: Taproot Theatre

Joining the Green Home Tour this year is a sustainability stop that brings art, culture and green building technology together. On April 26, the public will have an opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look inside Taproot Theatre Company's newly constructed Kendall Center located on the site of the Eleanor Roosevelt Building that was destroyed in the October 2009 arson in the historic Greenwood business district's crossroads.

The 12,000-square-foot annex was constructed by Method Prefab. Taproot opted for modular construction to expand into the space previously occupied by the Eleanor Roosevelt Building. Designed by The Miller Hull Partnership, the targeted LEED Gold building renovation and expansion takes design cues from the early 1900's-era neighborhood setting, adding improved efficiency with energy-conserving lighting and HVAC systems, public green space in a
congested traffic corridor, and the use of reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials.

Tour visitors should look for artwork by Bherd Studios in the new Stage Door Café. After the arson in 2009 Bherd Studio artists painted the mural that ran alongside the sidewalk of 85th and brightened the neighborhood. The featured mural consists of two panels: a composite of photos from the reconstruction of the Old Globe Theater in London and the other based on snapshots of Taproot Theater. "The concept was taking a bit of the new from the old, with Taproot Theatre being the new and Shakespeare's Globe being the old," says John Osgood and Kevin Sensei, the artists that created the mural.

On the day of the NW Green Home Tour, visitors will get a behind-the-scenes look at the theater's new spaces, including:

  • Black Box Theatre that seats 120, a space for developing and performing new scripts, rehearsing, and conducting youth classes
  • The Stage Door Café, a comfortable setting for patrons and members of the Greenwood community to gather before and after performances for dialogue and engagement; now open six days a week
  • The new Scene Shop (1,200 sf) is a more spacious and efficient construction space that will shorten the time needed to construct and move in scenery, allowing for additional performance weeks and increased revenue
  • Costume, laundry, and repair shop
  • Green room with dressing rooms and bathrooms
  • Interior/exterior deck with living walls and green roof

About Taproot Theatre Company

Taproot Theatre Company is a professional, nonprofit theatre company with a multifaceted production program. Founded in 1976, Taproot Theatre serves the Pacific Northwest with Mainstage Productions, Touring Productions, and the Acting Studio. Taproot exists to create theatre that explores the beauty and questions of life while bringing hope to our search for meaning. Taproot Theatre Company is a member of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), Theatre Puget Sound (TPS), Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association (PNA), and the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit

About Method Prefab

Method Prefab (Method) is a custom manufacturer of precision-built prefabricated structures. The company offers fully custom prefabrication of any design by any architect. Founded with a mission of adding innovation to the future of construction, Method is guided by the core value of
thoughtful, sustainable design. Prefabrication allows Method to reduce construction timelines and control costs while building custom projects in a controlled environment, minimizing exposure and waste. As such, Method can focus on sustainability and cutting edge design. Method's structures ship 80 to 95 percent complete, resulting in project timelines of two to five
months. For more information, visit:

Thanks to Green Home Tour Sponsors Infiniti Real Estate & Development and Umpqua Bank
for helping to put this exciting sustainability stop on the tour!