Site Host Spotlight: Green Canopy Homes

Green Canopy’s newest home in Greenwood, nicknamed Dinah, is stop N6 on this year’s tour.

Green Canopy’s newest home in Greenwood, nicknamed Dinah, is stop N6 on this year’s tour.

Take the temperature of the Seattle real estate market, and you'll see it's reached fever levels. What a change from just a few years ago!

While this rapid uptick in sales and drop in supply is good news for the local economy, it can present challenges for potential buyers and builders of green homes. With existing homes and vacant land being snapped up by cash buyers and developers at lightning speed, those interested in building a green home are left with few options.

Enter Green Canopy Homes, a green homebuilder and site host on this year's Green Home Tour.

Green Canopy's mission is to inspire efficiency in residential markets, and one of the ways they do that is to transform old homes into models of modern efficiency.

Recently, the company has also started offering homeowners custom remodel packages. Green Canopy can do a complete green renovation on a homeowner’s existing home or on a home they plan to purchase. This custom remodel option is a win-win because it controls costs for the sustainability-minded buyer, and it reduces risk to the homebuilder, who doesn’t have to guess how and where potential buyers want to live.
Green Canopy’s newest home in Greenwood, nicknamed Dinah, is stop N6 on this year’s tour. One feature that sets it apart is its photovoltaic roof shingles. Incorporating new products like these into production homebuilding is part of the innovation that won Green Canopy Homes a Sustainable Small Business of the Year Award from King County this past year.

Green Canopy’s ongoing commitment to the communities it works in and the thoughtfulness with which it engages the neighbors who live near its construction sites is unique. For example, Green Canopy invites the community to vote on the exterior paint colors of each of its new houses.

Currently Dinah is up for a public vote. You can visit the Green Canopy website and vote for your favorite color today. Stop by Dinah on the tour and find out if your color won!