Baker Cottage

4328 Baker Ave NW Seattle, WA

Kate Wells Driscoll


Green Features


Site Description

The Baker Cottage is Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit in the Fremont-Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Construction completed February 2014.

The challenge of this project was to provide a secure garage and small rental unit in an already small backyard of an existing single family residence. The resulting project activates the alley and provides ample usable outdoor entertaining space for the homeowner and lots of privacy for the prospective renter. The significant green exterior features include on-site storm water management in the form of integrated planters that double as benches and privacy screens; use of reclaimed and salvaged materials for landscaping; and the provision of safe bicycle storage for tenants. The primary green feature of the DADU itself is the efficient use of space and modest footprint. The building also features efficient heating, salvaged materials, ample daylight, spray foam insulation and quality windows and doors.

One of the most unique features of the project is that designer, engineer and builder all live within walking distance of the home and met regularly on site as neighbors and friends. Close attention to the context and thoughtful consideration of site features and neighborhood impact informed the process at each turn.


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