NE1. View Ridge RainWise, Permaculture and Passive Solar Home

  © Susan MacLaren 2018

© Susan MacLaren 2018

Site Description

Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Storm Water Infiltration, Urban Farming, Electric Vehicle

Come and learn about the RainWise rebate program for rain gardens and cisterns and how those landscape features offer multiple benefits to homeowners. At this site, rainwater is captured and used to grow foods and ornamental plants.

Featured on Ciscoe Morris' Urban Gardening show (King 5 TV October 2016) the site integrates permaculture-oriented landscaping and stormwater management, rainwater harvest, and permeable paving outside the home. The home itself features re-use of the original mid-century building envelope (brick, foundation, structural walls) and a modern second-story addition designed to optimize passive solar heating and light.

The rain garden is registered as part of the regional "12,000 Rain Gardens for Puget Sound" campaign and we are tracking the positive environmental impacts on