S7. Tiny Houses for the Homeless: Georgetown Tiny House Village

 Site Sponsorship underwritten by King County Green Tools 

Site Sponsorship underwritten by King County Green Tools 

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In September, 2013, LIHI (Low Income Housing Institute) began partnering with Nickelsville to host and operate a homeless encampment on LIHI’s then vacant property in the Othello neighborhood.  Since then, LIHI’s work with encampments has expanded and they now manage several Seattle sites in partnership with Nickelsville, SHARE/Wheel, the City of Seattle, and Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.

The Georgetown Tiny House Village was built in March 2017, and is the fifth of seven homeless encampments sanctioned by the City of Seattle.  These encampments provide crucially needed shelter and services to families and individuals currently living on the streets, and each tiny house village has a case manager on site.  This site features 37 tiny houses, counseling offices, a kitchen tent, and two dorm shelters that are used for emergency overflow shelter when all the tiny houses are occupied.

Georgetown Tiny House Village shelters 65 people at any given time, and is a crisis response to homelessness.  LIHI’s goal is to move vulnerable people quickly off the streets into warm, secure tiny houses instead of tents.  In 2017, seven Tiny House Villages provided shelter to 843 people.  In 2016-2017, since the first tiny house village opened in Seattle, more than 300 people have moved into permanent housing, more than 50  have reunited with family, and 200 have found employment during their stay.

Georgetown Village is managed by Nickelsville, a self-managed community, where residents participate in democratic decision making.  LIHI owns and operates over 2,000 units of affordable housing in the region and provides social workers to help move homeless people into housing and employment.

For more information, please see www.lihi.org/tiny-houses.  To speak to LIHI about building a tiny house to donate, joining a volunteer build, donating materials for houses or supplies for a village, etc., please email Bradford Gerber at bradgerber@lihi.org.