N7. Net Zero Abode - A Super Efficient Backyard Cottage in Ballard


Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Design Innovation, Materials Efficiency, Net Zero

Designed and built by Abode Builders, the Net Zero Abode is a backyard cottage/DADU located in Ballard. This project is under construction and will provide a unique opportunity to see what goes into building a Net Zero home. This is Abode Builders 4th year on the tour and we look forward to sharing our latest project with you. This is our second Case Study house. The first was "The Carkeek Park Net Zero" featured in the 2015 and 2016 NWEBG Green Home Tours. The Carkeek house was built to Passive House levels using SIP wall and roof construction. The solar energy system has consistently out produced consumption thereby making it a Net Positive house! For the Net Zero Abode we set out to explore some new materials, methods and mechanical systems to see if we could match that level of performance with a traditional "stick built" house. Our goal is to show that a Net Zero backyard cottage can be beautiful, extremely energy efficient, and affordable.

Many thanks to the following for all their hard work and dedication to help make the Net Zero Abode a reality: A&R Solar, Lucas Johnson of 475 High Performance Supply, Kim Nguyen of Euroclime, Small Planet Supply, and our dedicated team of craftspeople at Abode Builders. The Net Zero Abode constructed by Abode Builders features: 5.5 kw solar power system by A&R Solar Euro-Clime High-performance European triple-pane, tilt-turn windows "Swedish Framing" method which limits thermal bridging and increases energy efficiency Passive House level air sealing using Pro Clima Intello Plus - smart vapor retarder on interior walls and ceiling, taped and sealed with Tescon Vana tape. Havelock Sheep Wool R-48 roof insulation Lunos heat and energy recovery ventilation system from 475 High Performance Building Systems Sanden CO2 heat pump supplied by Small Planet Supply provides super-efficient domestic hot water and powers the radiant floor heating system Rain screen using Mento 1000 house wrap and Tescon Vana tape from 475 LED lighting throughout and Energy-Star appliances.