NE2. Matthews Beach Net Energy Positive House

Site Description

Materials Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Design Innovation, Advanced Building Envelope

The family lived in the previous home on this site. It was drafty and did not meet their growing needs. So they torn it down, salvaged the wood and put it all in storage. A few years of design later, Lastingnest was brought in to shepard this project through to completion. As a result this home is well thought through - and the list of green features is quite long.

Super insulation and air-sealing, a mini-split heat pump for the main floors, and a Sanden CO2 heat pump to supply hot water and to heat the basement through a radiant system. The old home from the site is evident throughout the new structure - the roofs above the porches are made from the old floor system joists, the handrails are milled from 2x4s from the old house, and all the trim was milled from the CVG Fir flooring. Lighting is important to these folks, along with lots of natural lighting, we used low-color temperature energy efficient dimmable LED lighting utilizing automatic shutoff vacancy sensors.