N5. House of Haug

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Advance Building Envelope, Stormwater Management, Water Conservation, Design Innovation, Materials Efficiency

Basement: Lowered the floor depth close to 2' to accommodate clients’ height, followed by hydronic radiant heating, laid under the new concrete. Soy based spray insulation for the walls and ceiling to maximize heat retention. Energy Audit conducted, concluding zero energy loss! Mechanical room has a special make-over with a secret hide-a-way bookcase. Be sure to take a seat on the "heated" custom concrete bench in the bathroom. The yellow Corner Bench was built with ReStore doors and high capacity tracks for growing kids.

Enclosed Porch: Re-purposed wood from Rhine Reclaimed of Tacoma, selected by the homeowner for ceiling to floor coverage. Porch windows were acquired from a home that was scheduled to be torn down. Bogman Company convinced the developer to hire a company to disassemble rather than tearing it down. The all-weather, enclosed porch is perfect for Seattle's toughest months, offering a mud room to hanging out with a wet pooch, especially with a gas fireplace that offers immediate warmth.

Top Floor: Disassembled 200 sq ft of existing space to re-purpose throughout house. Built a brand new space consisting of 865 sq ft master suite; vaulted ceiling with beautiful exposed glu-
lam beams, walk-in closets, full bathroom and an office, surrounded by radiant walls and radiant flooring. The walls and roof were pieced together with Structurally Insulated Panels ("SIP"). These simple yet effective system maximizes seismic security, providing superior insulation, and saving costs in construction, forgoing traditional lumber that can cause problems during and long term. Floor insulation was re-purposed from old rock wool, saved during disassembly.

The master suite floor consists of a beautiful 3D print soundproof cork, along with cork underlayment for warmth and soft footing. Extending from the master suite, a walk-out balcony, consists of 170 sq ft, ideal for peaceful lounging on a warm evening, alone, without kids. A hidden puzzle gives you access to attic for storage, and a closet laundry chute that delivers down two floors to the basement.

Come and have a look and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


  • SIP Panels for roofing and walls.
  • Energy efficient insulation
  • Expansion foam on existing exterior walls.
  • Sustainable flooring: Cork & Cork underlayment for conductivity to heat, noise & vibration, high abrasion resistance and flexibility. Sub-flooring plywood acquired from gymnastic school closing down.
  • Hydronic radiant walls and floor
  • Recycled & repurposed products from Ballard ReUse, 2nd Use, Earthwise.
  • Pallet collection/re-purposed for aesthetics, in place of sheetrock/plastering/paint
  • Repurposed lumber for flooring & ceiling from Rhine Reclaimed
  • Repurposed beams from Rhine Reclaimed
  • Repurposed TGI’s from private seller
  • Top of the line, efficient boiler for domestic and hydronic heating


  • Advanced envelope system
  • Steel roofing: durability, with a 50 year warranty
  • Skylights for natural light.
  • Rain catchment system (RainGarden Program)

Owner and Lead Contractor, Adrian Popescu of Bogman Company/Bogman Design & Build, entered the building industry at 15 yrs. old, to help his father. Environmental impact caused by the construction industry has always been a concern, therefore environmental positive practices have been at the top of implementation in all projects.

Bogman Company’s been installing and implementing water catchment & gray water systems for 20+ years. Constantly attempting to convince clients to protect their roofs with “Green Roofs” as well as PV & water solar panels (e.g. evacuation tubes).

Adrian wanted to make sure the SIP’s used to build the House of Haug addition had minimal impact. He has attempted to acquire hemp/fiberboard, soy or plant based high density foam core SIP panels. Unfortunately, he was way ahead of the time, settling for Insulspan’s SIPs.

These practices are most times more advanced in Europe, New Zealand, and even Australia.
Our Company keeps a balance between local sources or better, cleaner products from elsewhere, due to lack of innovation and production.

Always striving to improve our environmental impact, as builders, as consumers, as people.