S3. Farwell West Seattle

Site Description

NW Energy Star, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Solar Power, Storm Water Infiltration, Advanced Building Envelope, Electric Vehicle

This 3,500sf residence designed by PRDG Architecture + Design is situated on a west facing hillside of West Seattle capturing the awe-inspiring water and mountain views. Descending down a cul-de-sac, the panorama is backdropped by a wooded forest that instantly removes you from urban environment and transports you into a peaceful oasis. Grade levels out upon arrival as you reach the front of the house. Entering through a sculpted wood framed portal, a mahogany door awaits you. As you enter, unobstructed views through wall to wall glass windows envelop you. 

The house is designed around a large, historic madrona tree. From every room a new perspective into the landscape is constantly framed by the floor to ceiling glass windows like artwork in a gallery. The open plan extends out onto an expansive deck that wraps around the ever-present madrona tree. The circulation between spaces is fluid, creating graceful dialogues.

Advanced technologies were implemented throughout including prefab modular construction including:

  1. Prefab modular construction
  2. Built Green standards using sustainable materials
  3.  A modest footprint allowed for minimal site disturbance, preserved trees and maintained abundant green space undisturbed. A bio-retention garden was added to harvest rainwater and control storm run-off
  4. Strategically placed fenestration in all rooms frame dynamic western views of mountain, sea and sky, maximizing daylight and eliminating the use of artificial lighting during the day
  5. Energy efficient building envelope, smart appliances, LED light fixtures and a solar array exceed code requirements

Walking through the house, one continuously realizes spatial experiences created by methodical design decisions. These decisions were defined by the site's distinctive attributes to form a responsive and dynamic environment, which stimulates the human spirit. The proper balance of architectural elements formed by natural materials allows the house to connect with the landscape while maintaining an intimate habitat.   

A visionary Architect approached the design for his family with the creative integration of context, function, and natural materials to sculpt this exquisite home. Coupled with a passionate Builder who promotes environmentally friendly home building methods and craftsmanship, every detail was precisely thought out. 

PRDG architecture + design, Gustavo A Penengo RA,  www.prdg.net

Better Builders (General Contractor), Bill Babb, www.betterbuilders.com

Site is at end of cul-de-sac, if no space available there you will need to park on SW Trenton Street or 38th Ave SW and walk onto Farwell Place SW

Farwell Place SW is a sloped street/3,700 SF/5 Bed/3.5 Bath/Year built 2018