NE3. Elegant Kitchen and Bath Remodel in the Ravenna Craftsman

 Photo by Cindy Apple Photography 

Photo by Cindy Apple Photography 

Site Description

Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Indoor Air Quality


  • Open and update the main floor kitchen and bathroom in this Ravenna Craftsman-style home.
  • Clients were interested in low maintenance, preserving and refinishing throughout the project, low / no-VOC materials.


  • The kitchen’s backdoor served as the main access to the backyard and needed to be kept, refrigerator location is a challenge.
  • The clients also requested to keep the existing fir floor.
  • The amount of square footage in the existing bathroom was a challenge.


  • No additional footprint was added to the property, instead, we reallocated, reactivated and recaptured space throughout the home.
  • We reallocated a few square feet to the bathroom from the large office next to it. Then we were able to reconfigure the awkward, tiny layout to offer safer functionality, not only for visiting grandparents, but also for the owners as they grow older.
  • Instead of getting all new windows, we cleaned the mechanisms and refinished existing windows in the kitchen and bath, so they remain consistent, plus they look better and work better.
  • We opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room and recaptured a previously filled in door that made better use of the space. 
  • The new refrigerator is a taller, skinnier model that fits, works and looks better in the space near the back door.
  • We refinished the fir floors and blended them in aesthetically with new hardwoods. We utilized low-VOC water-based material, so the family could live in the home during the remodel.
  • All tilework, installed by Decker Design, was grouted with a no maintenance, no sealant product, which don’t require chemical cleaners to maintain.
  • The wrap-around counter and cabinet is a new feature that flows into the dining room. Canyon Creek, out of Monroe, WA, was our cabinet maker, keeping travel and shipping to a minimum.
  • The creation of a catch-all, craftsman-style nook activated a dead space just outside the bathroom.
  •  Low maintenance quartz countertops.


  • The reallocation of existing space, reuse of the windows and floors, low maintenance materials made this project green.
  • Clients were also able to live onsite during the renovation due to the low-VOC and water-based finishes, keeping their health while updating, and improving, the health of their home.