N8. Edmonds Corner Lot Oasis

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Solar Power, Water Conservation, Stormwater Infiltration, Urban Farming 

This Edmonds home was originally built in 1952. Following a fire in 2008, custom builder Gilbert Construction demolished the home down to the original studs and replaced it with the home you see today. A “healing garden” incorporates the four elements of fire, earth, air and water; often referred to by visitors as a surprise “oasis” on this corner lot. The moss and eco lawn provides low maintenance and water conservation properties as a signature of the Pacific NW. The environment was created to inspire the homeowner’s children with a love of nature, biology and homegrown organic fruits and vegetables. With dwarf and espaliered fruit trees, kiwi and grape vines, and several varieties of berry bushes, pollination begins early in the new year with multiple mason bee “condos” strategically placed throughout the gardens.

The owners entered into a contractual maintenance agreement with In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes after they saved two fir trees from aphid infestation. In Harmony maintains the health and wellbeing of all the bushes and trees on the property. In 2011, the owners designed a 12’x12’ multipurpose shed built by Edmisten Construction on the property to serve as a green house, tool storage, “she shed,” and quiet retreat from the cares of the world. In 2014, the cracked asphalt surrounding the street access to the property was removed and replaced with gravel by Big Paving Co. The owners planted an estimated 800 square foot native garden to filter water runoff prior to entering the corner lot storm drain. In 2015, six Bushman Slimline cistern tanks, each holding a capacity of 530 gallons of rain water, were installed on the property by James Bristow. These tanks were carefully placed to be as inconspicuous as possible – most are hardly ever noticed – and they provide gravity-fed water to the gardens.

In 2015, the owners added solar panels to south- and east-facing rooftop surfaces. A&R Solar did the installation, with these specs: System Size 8.96 kW DC PV Module (32) Itek Energy 280W Black Inverter(s) (1) Solectria PVI-7600TL System Monitoring Dedicated Production Meter Racking System IronRidgeXR100 (Black) Mounting System IronRidge FlashFoot (Black) This system substantially reduced the need for PUD power, and almost makes the home electricity-neutral.