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A Smart Enclosure Starts with Smart Walls: Green High-Performance Done Right For Our Sustainable Future

Archigram’s A Walking City, 1964: boundless energy & engineering anyone?

For thousands of years buildings were made with a keen regard for nature and historically building science was intimately attuned to natural phenomenon.  Then, the 20th century builders, with giant resources of energy and rapid scientific advancements tried to conquer the vagaries of nature.  Natural solutions were ignored and flaunted – they made up, down, and down, up – if they felt like it.  And any unintended bad consequences would be answered with yet more engineering and power.  It has been brute force all the way down – landing us in a dystopian landscape.   Today our traditional buildings are so chemical and energy dependent, they are a leading cause of our environmental catastrophe. Their resulting pollution has acidified the oceans and warmed the climate to such an extent that we imminently face massive species die-offs.  And we’re poisoning everything – all species, ourselves and our families – in the process.  Soon there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans!

Our poster child of industry run-amok is spray foam insulation. We’ve written about many of the problems in our Foam Fails series.  Spray foam is the cornerstone of building enclosure failure. Fortunately there is growing industry understanding that spray foam is an unreliable, toxic, and expensive approach which is based more on Madison Avenue marketing than common sense. We say: Less is Best. Learn more here.