N11 Contemporary Wedgwood Kitchen


4008 NE 86th St
Seattle, WA 98115

Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation

While this kitchen was never the prettiest of kitchens, what really drove these homeowners to Mighty House was how severely it lacked any sort of functionality - from layout and cabinet style to lack of working outlets and poor storage, the homeowners found it nearly impossible to cook solo (never mind as a collaborative effort) in their kitchen! With a substantial shift in layout and only a few inches of change in footprint, their designer provided a concept that has revolutionized how they nourish themselves and socialize in their home.

Updates include:

  • new, locally-produced, sustainably manufactured cabinets
  • marmoleum flooring
  • innovative and cost-saving LED lighting solutions
  • Trea composite paper countertops
  • new, more weather-resistant door
  • no-VOC paints
  • re-purposed glass from windows for cabinets doors