S5 Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen

3726 SW Austin St
Seattle, WA 98126

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation

Once awkward and dimly-lit, this Modern-Retro Westside Kitchen was creatively altered for improved use, better socializing, a place to sit, and enhanced storage in an inviting and lovely space. This project showcases stunning and colorful sustainable solutions for big functionality in small spaces.

Updates include:

  • Locally produced Canyon Creek cabinets
  • Salvaged Ceaserstone countertops – from Second Use, with zero VOCs
  • Re-used materials that already existed in the home – such as kitchen appliances, butcher block, and tile on the walls in the bathroom
  • Blue Marmoleum flooring, that is non-toxic, anti-microbial, and durable
  • Rather than a full bathroom remodel, these homeowners chose to make modifications to the existing room, saving money and materials from the landfill
  • Creative plan to open and lighten up the space
  • Maximized the amount of natural day-lighting entering the room
  • All around non-toxic and healthy finishes