N4 Frelard Net Zero Ready House


355 NW 46th St
Seattle, WA 98107

Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Advanced Building Envelope

Abode Builders is pleased to present the Frelard Net Zero Ready House.

John Novak of Velocipede Architects designed this home for his family of three. John and his wife bought a small fisherman’s shack on this lot in 2008, and when they outgrew the small space, they decided that the most affordable way to stay in the neighborhood was to demolish the old house and build something new. They wanted a home that was super energy-efficient, modern, beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable. Construction by Abode Builders was just finished.

Net-zero energy homes produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis. A variety of strategies have been employed to lower the Frelard house’s energy demands:

•    High-performance European triple-pane windows by EuroClime
•    Structural insulated panel walls and roof by Premier SIPs
•    Heat and energy recovery ventilation by Zehnder
•    CO2 heat pump for super efficient water heating by Sanden
•    Radiant floor heat
•    Energy-efficient Energy-Star appliances
•    LED lighting throughout
•    Programmable thermostat
•    Solar-ready roof pitch, orientation, and wiring