NW2 3rd and Valley Townhomes

Denizen Development Group

722 3rd Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Sunday only (11 Am - 5 pm)


Site Description

Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Green Roof, Materials Efficiency

Denizen Development Group invites you behind the drywall of this 4-star Built Green townhome community currently under construction in Lower Queen Anne. You’ll discover the hidden construction techniques and prep work that make a modern Built Green home come to life. Are ductless heating and cooling systems really ductless? What’s a bio retention planter? All of your questions on modern green building techniques will be answered at 3rd and Valley Townhomes.

Green Features at 3rd & Valley Townhomes:


·      Reducing urban sprawl by utilizing an urban infill lot
·      Pedestrian friendly neighborhood

Water Conservation

·      Landscaping that requires no potable water for irrigation
·      Water sense plumbing fixtures
·      Bio retention planters

Energy Efficiency

·      Energy Star Ductless heating and cooling systems with zone controls
·      Energy star appliances
·      LED or florescent lighting
·      Oversized windows for natural lighting
·      Solar Ready
·      Electric vehicle charging pre wire

Indoor Air Quality

·      Low and non-voc non-toxic paint interiors

Reducing Carbon Footprint

·      Locally produced materials
·      Vegetated walls
·      Local vegetation
·      Vegetated Green Roofs

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