NE2 Co-Hollow Community in Lake City

Infiniti Real Estate & Development
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12014 33rd Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

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Site Description

Water Conservation, Stormwater Infiltration, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Advanced Building Envelope, Electric Vehicle Charging

Beautifully designed, 4-Star Built Green Home with large shared gardens and outdoor spaces that enhance livability and community.

Homeowner & builder Carl Lind came up with the idea over a decade ago to develop a small community of green homes in his neighborhood of Lake City.  Carl and his wife Susan teamed up with their friends Jonathan and Melanie Nuefeld who bought half their property with the intention of redeveloping the one single family residence they shared into a mix of homes that gave them each their own single family unit and met their lifestyle goals for shared community. Lind hired Matt Wasse of Shugart-Wasse to help them redesign the single home into 4 stand-alone 4-Star Built-Green homes in a community courtyard setting.  Each home is designed with a separate detached ADU (for 8 total units) with large shared gardens and outdoor spaces that enhance livability and community. 

This development holds sustainability as a high value.  In addition to the larger concepts of density and intentional community, a few of the property features include heat recovery ventilators, high-efficiency heat pumps, Energy Star appliances, super-insulated walls, reclaimed materials, no-VOC paint, rain gardens, and EV charging.

Two of the four units will be available for sale in the summer 2016. The homeowner welcomes anyone interested in living in a green home and working towards a common goal to live well and build community to stop by and visit!

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