NW11 Grandma's House - Carkeek Park Net Zero

10719 1st Ave NW
Seattle, WA

Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Materials Efficiency, Solar Power, Advanced Building Envelope, Stormwater Management, Electric Vehicle

Abode Builders, Forecast Solar and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union are proud sponsors of Grandma’s House - the CarkeekPark Net Zero featured in the 2016 Northwest Green Home Tour.

What is a Net Zero house? - A Net Zero house is one that produces as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis using only renewable energy in the process. We believe that this type of house is the future of residential green building. By building to Net Zero standards we hope to lessen the negative impact of building a house and in the process create housing that supports and nurtures life.

Getting to Zero: How we achieved Net Zero standards

Solar Energy - Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union provided the financing for the solar panels. They were very helpful which made for a pain free loan process. Forecast Solar installed the panels that provide 9.9 kWh of electricity per year – proving that solar power does work in Seattle. This solar power system will pay for itself in just over 4 years. The system was designed to also provide nearly all of the electrical needs of the backyard cottage.

Heat Pump - super energy efficient heating system - A Daikin Altherma™ air to water heat pump provides all heat and domestic hot water for the home. The heat pump delivers between 3 to 5 kWh of usable heat for every 1 kWh of electricity it uses.  When you compare this efficiency (300% - 500%) to 70-95% for a fossil fuel-powered boiler or furnace (fuel oil and gas) the choice becomes clear.

Radiant Floor Heat - clean air and warm toes - The Daikin Altherma™ heat pump generates hot water that is pumped through PEX tubing embedded in the concrete slab. The warmed mass of concrete beneath your feet radiates upward to heat your home and keep you warm. We believe that radiant floor heat is the ideal way to heat your home. It's clean, efficient, unobtrusive, and quiet.

SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) - The walls and roof of Grandma’s House were built using Premier SIP’s. They are greener, stronger, straighter, more efficient and go up faster than a traditional stick framed house. Benefits of SIP construction: Pre-insulated; Pre-fabricated and pre-cut; Reduced waste; Straight, plumb and square panels every time; No roof venting required; Better indoor air quality; Local – made in Washington State.

Triple Pane Windows - The triple pane windows were supplied by Vinyltek. Based in British Columbia, this company was the the first manufacturer of vinyl windows in the Pacific Northwest. They’re well designed, made locally, save energy and are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Keeping Dry - The SIP walls of Grandma’s house are wrapped in Benjamin’s Obdyke’s HydroGap® drainable house wrap and HydroFlash® self adhered flashing. This moisture barrier and flashing system ensures that the building envelope stays dry by repelling moisture from without and allowing moisture from within to pass through to the outside where it can’t create any problems.

Rainwater Harvesting - Rainwater is captured and stored in a 550 gallon cistern. This water provided by nature is used to irrigate the landscaping during the summer months. During the cooler months when rain is plentiful but sunlight lacking, the cistern provides an alternative, grey water supply for toilets and the washing machine. Overflow is pumped into a Bio-Swale the City of Seattle created to clean runoff and manage storm water flows to Piper’s Creek Watershed – Seattle’s 3rd largest watershed. That Salmon have started returning to spawn in the creek is the best evidence that these efforts are working to restore our watersheds. Diverting storm water to a cistern is one simple yet effective way to help heal our local ecosystem and keep it healthy for generations to come.

Electrical vehicle charger - JuiceBox™ electric car charging station from EMotorwerks utilizes the surplus power generated by the solar panels to power an electric vehicle for roughly 14,000 miles of travel per year. JuiceBox™ works with all production EV’s on the road today. It’s indoor/outdoor rated and comes with added features such as, energy metering, WiFi Connectivity, Scheduling, Notifications, and a Smart Phone App.

Home Energy Monitor - The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is measuring whether or not the house is meeting our Net Zero energy goals. While this varies month to month depending on how much sun we get, Grandma’s house is on track to be Net Zero for the year! The Neurio offers mobile monitoring of energy usage and generation – in real time. We’ve been able to see how much the solar power system is producing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and how this impacts the cost of overall energy consumption.

Abode Builders offers Green Building Choices for your Home

Abode built Grandma’s House because we are passionate about building. We wanted to lead by example and show others that building a Net Zero home need not cost an arm and a leg. Through building this project we rediscovered a profound gratitude for the opportunity to do what we love – build solid homes and solid relationships. 

Abode is also a proud member of both Built Green and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, two local non-profit organizations that promote healthy, energy-efficient and resource-efficient buildings. This is one way in which we are taking an active role in supporting green-building practices, eco-friendly new home construction and home improvement projects in the Puget Sound region.

Abode has the knowledge and experience to provide homeowners with informed green building choices for maximizing economic and environmental performance. From design to material selection, Abode is committed to helping you achieve your Green Building and Green Home Remodeling goals.