E2 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living

21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living

Sustainability Stop

13701 NE 171st St
Woodinville, WA 98072

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm


Site Description

Design Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Solar Power, Green Roof, Indoor Air Quality, Storm Water Management, Electric Vehicle, Advanced Building Envelope, Urban Farming

Visit 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living, a LEED Platinum certified facility with the unique distinction of being fully integrated with 21 Acres' bio-diverse Organic farm. Get a “behind the scenes” look at the tools and technologies used to maximize efficient use of resources and walk away with practical ideas and suggestions for changes you can make to reduce your climate impact at home or work. Sustainable features include: rooftop solar panels, living roof and storm water management system, radiant flooring in combination with ground source heat pumps, composting toilets, onsite wastewater treatment system, insulated concrete form walls, fresh air make-up system, water filtration system, acoustic mitigation panels, organic gardens, pesticide-free grounds and low-impact development. Guided tours of the building will be available Saturday, April 30, 11am-5pm. Tours will leave every 30 minutes and last approximately 45 minutes. A guided Farm Walk will take place at 11am, with self-guided farm tours available the remainder of the day.

Be sure to stop by the 21 Acres Farm Market for FUN food demos and to check out our selection of seasonal, Organic and sustainable produce, local farm products and ready-to-eat deli menu. The 21 Acres kitchen team will be preparing homemade bratwurst with all of the fixings, delicious cream puffs and much more.

Community partners will be present, ready to discuss initiatives and products that can help you meet your sustainability goals. Solarize Woodinville, as part of Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (NWSEED), is a citizens’ group providing research and a group purchase savings program designed to make rooftop solar panels affordable and easy for homes and businesses. Also at 21 Acres will be Homegrown Trainers (www.homegrowntrailers.com), a Woodinville company that makes sustainable, handcrafted travel trailers for sale and rental. Their 94 sq. ft., wood-sided trailers are solar-powered, made from renewable materials and non-toxic chemicals, contain energy efficient lights and appliances, have clean composting toilets, and are lightweight and aerodynamic so that low-MPG vehicles can tow them.

Come experience our holistic, community-based approach to sustainable living. Walk the farm, shop the market, see the commercial kitchen and experience the entire green-built campus. Find new ideas. Have fun. Take away inspiration and resources to use in your own home or business. Please join us on Saturday, April 30 to learn how you can engage with 21 Acres Center for Local Food & Sustainable Living and your community. See 21acres.org for more information. Click here for specific information on our green building features.

Below is a list of resources for the building technologies and products that have been incorporated into the 21 Acres Center to achieve its LEED Platinum status.

Insulated Concrete Forms
•    Exterior Walls – High Insulation: APEX Block™ICF http://www.apexblock.com
•    Exterior Walls – High Strength: Arxx ICF Blocks http://www.arxx.com/

Radiant Flooring
•    http://earthheat.com/

Ground Source Heat Pump System
•    http://earthheat.com/

Living Roof
•    Living roof: http://www.solterrasystems.com/

Rooftop Solar Panels and Energy Technologies
•    25.2 kW solar photovoltaic roof-mounted system: http://www.sunergysystems.com/
•    C.E.S. Smart Distribution Panels (digital circuit breakers): http://www.c-e-systems.com

Windows, Skylights and Lighting
•    Windows: http://www.pella.com/
•    Skylights: http://www.kalwall.com/
•    Interior Lights: Pacific Lighting Systems: http://www.pacificlightingsystems.com/

Water Conservation and Wastewater Management
•    Nibbler wastewater treatment: http://www.thenibblercompany.com/
•    Glendon Biofilters waster water treatment: http://www.glendon.com/
•    Clivus composting toilets: http://www.clivusmultrum.com/
•    Zurn Aquasense Sensor Faucets: http://www.zurn.com/

Healthy Building Controls, Fixtures, and Materials
•    ATS Automation Ventilation Control System: http://www.atsinc.org/index.html
•    Custom Pure Water Filtration System: http://www.custompure.com/

•    Low Impact Development (LID) Driveway Pavers: http://www.pavingstones.com/aquapave/

•    EV Project electric vehicle charging stations: http://www.theevproject.com/
•    Low Energy Vertical Transportation: Kone Elevators: http://www.kone.com/

About 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living:

Our mission is to inspire action to solve climate challenges by learning as a community to grow, eat and live sustainably. 21 Acres incorporates a whole systems approach to solving issues around wholesome food availability, small-scale food economies, environmental preservation and green buildings. 21 Acres is a nonprofit agricultural and environmental learning center and living laboratory for green building design, construction, and operations. Visit www.21acres.org for more information.