S2 Brandon Street DADU


Mighty House Construction

4454 S Brandon Street
Seattle, WA 98118

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Solar Power, Materials Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency

The homeowner was living in a very small home and decided to convert their existing garage into a detached auxiliary dwelling unit (DADU) to be able to house guests, but also to simply GET. MORE. SPACE.

To us, it’s not always about making the most green choice, it’s about knowing all the options and finding the greenest solution that balances need, budget, and aesthetic. That being said, every aspect of this project was highly considered.

The design originated with Mark Johnson of Signal Architecture + Research and was then collaborated on with Mighty House Construction and the homeowners resulting in unique detailing and creative solutions in every square foot.

In addition to re-using and repurposing the structure itself, we repurposed an existing heater that was no longer needed in another space in the home. We also reused a window and the pendant lights came from Second Use Building Materials.

As the space will be used for a large variety of applications - from guests, to solitude, to a party or art space - we used marmoleum flooring as the most flexible solution.

It features a sweet kitchenette, a murphy bed, and a “wet room” bathroom that will all allow for maximum space conservation.

We also made sure to take advantage of natural daylight with skylights, a huge sliding door to the west, and a solatube in the bathroom.