S1 Badass C-Box (DADU Cargo Container)

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Seattle WA 98136

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Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Solar Power

This project is Seattle’s first permitted "Detached Accessory Dwell Unit” or DADU in a shipping container.
It features a bathroom with a shower (wet room) and a two loft spaces: one a sleeping loft and the other is the mechanical 'room' and storage for overstock.

Shipping Containers are a great new way to create space. This project started with a need,
the client has a small business making spice blends and needed a space that would serve as a
small commercial kitchen, but also wanted it to be easily convertible to a DADU, “Detached
Accessory Dwelling Unit” Other options were explored, but due to site and access
considerations the utilization of a shipping container for the main structure of this project soon
seemed to be a good idea.

We built a loft atop the container for storage and perhaps a future sleeping loft, and built a large
shed roof that would cover a nice deck connected to the interior space by some beautiful 7’ tall
french doors that we sourced from Ballard Reuse. We got a big window for the open end of the
container from the boneyard of Window, Doors, and More to complete interior space and
installed a small bathroom complete with a shower. For heat we installed a Radiant Heat Panel
from Mighty House Energy. The clients purchased Ikea cabinets for the kitchen space and we
laid easy to clean tile to complete to finish. Comfortable and efficient this project is now doing
it’s job; the client is turning out product and says the space is a joy to be in.