NE1 RainWise Garden Home in North Union Bay


RainWise Rebates

5518 Ann Arbor Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Water Conservation, Storm Water Infiltration, Urban Farming, Solar Power, Energy Efficiency

This corner lot is not only beautiful, it is thoughtfully green in many ways! Homeowner Ann Burkhart took advantage of the City/County RainWise rebate program, and is managing the stormwater that lands on her property on site with a gorgeous rain garden and a 530-gallon cistern. In the summer, she can use the stored water in the cistern to water her gardens. At this outdoor-only site, you’ll get a full tour of the RainWise features, as well as an extensive vegetable garden, gazebo with green roof, and new beehive. Ann's house sports a solar array and a heat pump, too - view the exterior elements of both and learn all about these two ways of increasing energy efficiency. Sponsored by Seattle Public Utilities’ RainWise Program.

Since 2010, over 600 Seattle neighbors have gotten RainWise! They're helping Puget Sound while enjoying beautiful and functional landscaping and using stored rainwater for watering gardens - with an average of 86% of the cost paid for by the RainWise program.

Why the big rebates? RainWise property owners are managing the rain that falls on their roofs at home - rather than contributing to the storm water runoff problem and combined storm/sewer overflows that are polluting Puget Sound.  

At this stop you'll have the opportunity to learn about the RainWise program, check your eligiblility, and chat with a RainWise contractor (RainWise rebate areas are continuing to expand throughout the City).  We'll also be distributing maps here to other RainWise installations around NE Seattle that are open for viewing on tour day. You'll be able to check out installations by many different RainWise contractors, see creative solutions to various site challenges, and get inspired with ideas for your own RainWise installation.