S2 Modern Solar (Sat only)

Artisan Electric

5011 47th Ave SW
Seattle, WA  

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Solar Power

The Built Green certification and energy-efficient features of this home became the launching point for the owners to consider going solar. In 2014, they worked with Artisan Electric to install a 7.4 KW solar array, which will generate more than 100% of their electrical needs over the course of the year, allowing them to consider an electric vehicle to offset their current use of gasoline. 

The house also features radiant heat floors, on-demand hot water, optimized window placement, efficient appliances, low VOC paint and low-pile carpet for indoor air quality, high-performance dual-flush toilets, and bamboo cabinetry. The owners are passionate about the very real benefits of local agriculture, and have a year round edible garden.

Thanks to the E-Gauge monitoring system, the owners are able to see energy production and usage in real time, allowing them to adjust their habits to with immediate consumption feedback.

The lot’s slight east to west slope was designed into the layout of the home. The open floor plan kitchen/dining area adjoins the living room via a half flight of stairs. Thoughtfully placed windows maximize light and privacy. Neighboring homes are never the focus of any view thanks to deliberate design and thoughtful landscaping.

Come tour the house, it’s various energy-efficient features, and the gardens where the owners grow much of their food - all less than 2 miles from I-5.

Architecture by Playhouse Design
Construction by Influx Development
Solar by Artisan Electric Inc.

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