S1 Sun Break Cafe (Sat only)

Forecast Solar | Sun Break Cafe

22 A St SW
Auburn, WA

Saturday Only, 9am - 5pm

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Site Features: Solar Power

The owner of the Sun Break Cafe, Bruce Alverson, had been wanting solar for 15 years, the system cost/benefit analysis, however, never added up. Half of being truly green is using renewable energy sources, the other half is making financial sense of it.

When he built the restaurant, however, he did install what was sensible at the time, a Mueller Fre-Heater heat recovery system. He installed the system himself and it is still running today.  It looks a little like something out of a Jules Vern novel, but he claims "it has paid for itself four times over." It recovers the heat expended by the restaurant's large refrigeration system and uses it to heat the dishwashing machines.

Finally, about a year ago Bruce found Forecast Solar. They were the first solar installer in the Seattle area to bring the price down enough for PV systems to pay for themselves in less than 5 years. They were offering this two years ago when most of the others were at 8-10 year pay offs.  Within months, Bruce had his long awaited PV system to produce electricity to run the refrigeration producing the heat that runs the dishwashers. Bruce chose a 10kW system using Itek modules (made in Bellingham) and Blue Frog APS microinverters (made in Poulsbo).
That same determination has made Sun Break Cafe an award winning restaurant being voted by many reviewers as the best breakfast in the Northwest. 

The Sun Break Cafe and Forecast Solar are actually doing it, Bruce with a incredibly successful business that incorporates renewable energy in a financially responsible manner, and Forecast Solar, which believes being truly green is both installing quality PV systems and doing it as affordably as possible. Solar is no longer for just the rich or the fanatically green, it's for everyone with good solar exposure.