N13 Phinney Ridge Prefab (Sun only)

Grouparchitect | Method Homes | Heartwood Builders

707 N 67th St
Seattle, WA

Sunday Only, 11am - 6pm


Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation

The Phinney Ridge Prefab House is a prefabricated modular home designed by Grouparchitect and built by Method Homes, the modular contractor, and Heartwood Builders, the site contractor. The Home was built offsite in modules that were shipped and assembled onsite in one day for this tight urban lot. This home features sustainable building materials and practices as well as a rooftop deck.

Project details

  • 2 levels of modular construction over a site built basement and garage
  • 2500 square foot 3 BR + den, 3-1/2 bath with a 320sf 1-car garage
  • 3,360sf lot
  • Condensed construction schedule due to overlap of site and modular construction timeframes

Sustainability Features

  • Abundant amount of natural lighting to limit the use of electrical lighting during daylight hours
  • Compact floor plans with open floor plan on in the living space
  • Majority of home was built off-site inside a custom facility eliminating exposure to the elements
  • Reduced construction waste due to offsite construction
  • Durable low maintenance exterior building materials with a rain screen siding system
  • Reclaimed wood mantle and shelving
  • Fiberglass windows exceeding code U-value requirements
  • Formaldehyde free blown in blanket system (BIBS) insulation exceeding code R-value
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures and dual flush toilets
  • Ceiling fan and natural ventilation (no AC)
  • Condensing boiler with radiant heat radiators
  • LED & compact fluorescent lighting fixtures throughout

About Grouparchitect   
Grouparchitect is a Seattle based architecture firm that specializes in housing at all scales and complexities. The making of architecture is the collaboration of a group - owner, architect, design consultants, and builder. A meaningful space need not be complicated, but it is invariably the simple execution of a well considered design. Grouparchitect focuses on creating these concise, specific solutions by taking a comprehensive approach to the project by considering sustainability as well as aesthetics and pragmatism, and by listening intently to our clients and working with their ideas to achieve their dreams. We work as a cohesive project team to make each project, great and small, a beautifully designed and well functioning space. Our approach to balancing the requirements of every project is supported by an ongoing process of dialogue, one that unfolds over time throughout the duration of the project.

About Method Homes    
Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of precision-engineered prefabricated structures; all built by master craftsmen in its Ferndale, Wash. manufacturing facility. The company’s portfolio includes designs of modern prefab homes ranging from stylish cabins, family retreats and full-sized family dwellings. Established in 2008 in Seattle, the company has constructed homes for sites across North America, including British Columbia, the San Juan Islands of Washington, Idaho, Pennsylvania and many places in between.

About Heartwood Builders    
Heartwood Builders is a custom home and commercial builder. Heartwood has a reputation of great people and communication skills, combined with impeccable construction ability. Heartwood employees have been with owner Scott Engler for many years, thus providing quality, reliability, and control within the process. Heartwood provides high-quality construction services, utilizing long-term industry relationships, to deliver quality remodel and new construction homes and commercial buildings. Serving the greater Seattle area – Seattle, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Laurelhurst, Eastside locations and every neighborhood in between. Centrally located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, gives Heartwood great access to customers and job sites around Seattle.

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