N19 Energy Data Delight (Sun only)

A&R Solar

10101 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA

Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm 

Site Description

Solar Power, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation

This home features a 9.72kW solar PV system installed by A&R Solar, with all the bells and whistles an energy data buff would want.

It starts with Made in WA iTek Energy High Efficiency solar panels, coupled with Made in WA Eltek Theia Inverters.  The Theia inverters provide an integrated web server for monitoring overall system performance and output.

An added Tigo Energy Maximizer System helps accelerate system payback by maximizing the power output of the array while keeping the system at peak performance throughout its lifetime.  The Tigo system provides  a deeper level of monitoring, with the ability to manage the system with data from each individual module (solar panel).

In addition to the energy production from the solar components, the home employs a third-level of monitoring on energy consumption with an eGauge whole-home energy monitor and web server.  This helps homeowners evaluate and make informed decisions about their energy use, regardless of its source.

Visit this home on the tour and you can see how all three of these monitoring components work together to provide a complete picture of energy generation and consumption, allowing homeowners to make fully-informed decisions about their energy use.

In addition to energy upgrades, the home also features Brondell Perfect Flush toilet kits, which convert existing single-flush toilets into water-saving dual-flush toilets with a simple, easy-to-install adapter.

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