S4 Corgi House (Sat only)

Artisan Electric

2701 47th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Solar Power

Come explore this Net-Zero, certified Built Green home with custom 10kW Made-in-WA Solar Photovoltaic System. We call it ‘The Solar House with Corgi Picture Windows'. Great open-plan living space and ultra-efficient energy systems, the E-W house alignment uses passive solar design for winter warmth. Much like the home itself, the active solar system was built to both stand out and blend in, complimenting the home’s modern look and efficient design.

This 'NW Modern' style Isola home has a very distinct presence located in a traditional West Seattle neighborhood. Two matching homes were built side-by-side as urban infill, replacing a private oversized garden. Excellent natural light in every room, Isola maximized the views with efficient window placement. The homeowners’ favorite room is the 3rd floor family room and deck, with the north and western views of the mountains and water. 

Having considered using the second story flat roof as outdoor living space, the homeowners chose instead to install a solar photovoltaic system to produce all of the house’s energy needs. They selected Artisan Electric to install the system based on the elegance of their design and professionalism throughout the process.

The 10kW Solar PV system is comprised of thirty-six 270W Itek modules and two Eltek 4400 inverters, both Made-In-Washington. This ensured that the homeowners received the largest incentive from the state. The tilt-up racking was custom engineered and built for the project, creating enough surface area for the solar array to make the home a net-zero energy user. A whole-house monitoring system was included with the system and graphs in real time both house electrical usage and solar production.

The Corgi House incorporates elements of the former garden that covered the property. Built up with recycled materials, including the parking strip and raised garden beds, the homeowners blended evergreens, native plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables, providing year-round interest and produce. The solar panels generate lots of inquiries and conversation from curious neighbors when gardening, allowing the homeowners to ’spread the good word’ about efficiency and clean power production.

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