E5 Clearwater Commons (Sat only)

Clearwater Commons

1402 194th St SE
Bothell, WA 98012

Saturday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Solar Power, Storm Water Infiltration, Green Roof, Advanced Building Envelope

Clearwater Commons is the first low-impact development of its kind in Snohomish County. Five units of 16 have been built with energy efficient materials and techniques such as pin-pier foundations, tight building envelope and advanced framing. Overall site layout is designed to maintain natural groundwater flow and rehabilitate surrounding wetlands. 

Situated on 7.5 acres on the newly restored North Creek, Clearwater Commons is an active community of families, artists, conservationist, gardeners and more sharing in the benefits of living in a rural setting close to Seattle, Everett and the Eastside.

Offering the delights of country living without leaving the greater Seattle area, Commons' community members are welcome share a spacious workshop, a storage building, restoration projects, garden harvests, fires by the creek and the occasional back porch BBQ.

  • A significant streamside restoration project used the latest techniques in joint flood plain management and salmon enhancement. The salmon have returned!
  • The property is a zero discharge low impact development including pervious pavement, bioswales, rain gardens, and pin-pile foundations.
  • Homes include many green features including advance framing, passive solar, heat recovery ventilators, rain screens, rain gardens and pervious paths. New construction can focus on these features or any other.
  • One of the first certified passive houses in the state, the “Mini-B” was built by community college students, is now our guest house and is open for tours.
  • There is solar hot water and solar PV on site together with an adjacent school and green home remodel of an old farmhouse.
  • Complementary charging for electric vehicles on our 240-volt fast charger.


Stop by for a free workshop on the day of the tour. RSVPs welcome: commons@clearwatercommons.com.

Reclaimed Wood Finishes
11:30am at Unit 5

Lower your consumer footprint and save money by using reclaimed wood throughout your house. Unit 5 spun stories into their finishes with antique Douglas Fir from a 1894 Poulsbo house, Madrona from a conservation easement on Vashon Island and a variety of species from an "urban sawyer" in Tacoma (to name a few). Come see the result while getting tips, advice and sources of wood.

The Pin Foundation Advantage
2:00pm at Unit 8

Most units at Clearwater Commons are built on pin foundations: a solid pin pile foundation that reaches deep into the ground without digging holes or pouring concrete. Simple to install, these foundations avoid excavation, thus reducing concrete use, saving fuel and precious topsoil, while preserving natural drainage.

Adding the Solar Asset: Powering an Electric Car with a Solar Array
3:30pm at the shop

This workshop presents the basics of setting up a photovoltaic solar array on your home to power an electric vehicle (or anything else). Using the Commons' set up as a model, you'll everything from getting state approval to prepping the site to maximizing rebates and tax breaks. Charging station available!

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