N16 Backyard Cottage (Sun only)

Ventana Construction

103 N 73rd St
Seattle, WA

Sunday Only, 11am - 5pm

Site Description

Energy Efficiency, Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Storm Water Infiltration

The goal of this project was to create a backyard cottage for two artists to have self-contained studio space. Doing this thoughtfully, and with a focus on the final landscaping and water management was a primary goal, along with siting the ADU in such a way that it enhances the landscape and the existing home on the property. A number of measures were taken to achieve a 3-star Built Green rating.

  • The building was kept small and existing vegetation protected to the South. 
  • A paver system was used as landscaping instead of concrete, and no grass was planted.
  • A small cistern was installed at the rear of the building, which connects into a rain garden.
  • Provisions were installed for a future solar PV system
  • A variety of moisture-protection measures, from larger overhangs to sill pans at doors
  • Used subfloor as finished flooring
  • Selected 40-year siding and roofing products
  • Used Paperstone for the countertops

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